A Language focused
market research


What we do for you

Your Story


What is the story that you want your constituents and customers to hear? 

What story are they telling? 

We identify the gaps and partner with you to find ways to fill those gaps - with communications, education, services, and organizational enhancements where appropriate.

Deep Dive


How we identify the gaps: 

We identify the gaps by diving deep into the topic in interviews with relevant respondent types (e.g., physicians, patients, parents, teachers, administrators)  

Analysis of other data, including social data, is incorporated as appropriate.

Close analysis of the language is key to our methodology.

The Role of Language Analysis


Why is Language Analysis important?

All language use (discourse) shapes how we see the world. 

Language encases - and creates - how we see and make sense of the world, what is important to us, what resonates and what is discordant - conceptually and practically. 

How We Look at Language


Experience, models and theoretical tools guide and inform project design and data interpretation, including those of Framing, Schema and Activity Systems. We closely attend to metaphoric language, narratives, word choice and discourses that act as ideological vehicles.    

What You Get


We provide you with a full report on our findings and recommendations - including strategic and tactical, communications and channels. We work collaboratively with you.

Getting Started


We would love to talk with you about your needs

A meeting can be a great way to identify and organize your thinking about your key-most questions and needs. 


language and discourse is integral to how we see the world

“Discourses are ways of behaving, interacting, valuing, thinking, believing, speaking … [and] accepted as instantiations of particular identities.” 

James Paul Gee