Who we are

Pamela Batzel, Founder and Owner

Pamela has 22 years’ experience in communications and research – including 11 years as a journalist and 11 years in the market research space. 

During her career as a journalist, Pamela researched and wrote daily, consistently bringing back “gold” from her interviews, in the words of one of her editors. From journalism, Pamela moved into the space of  market research, where she has conducted traditional qualitative research and analysis of ethnographic data. In this space, she has built and led teams of language analysts.

Pamela and her teams’ deep insights into constituents has informed strategic and communication-based recommendations, enriching clients’ ability to create alignments with and between constituents. 

Pamela makes meaningful connections between and across the data to identify the story, the opportunities and the gaps. 

In May 2019, Pamela graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Master’s in Rhetoric, enhancing her skills in language analysis, audience-assessment and cognitive theories and models. 

Pamela is journal published and was a panelist at the European Society for Medical Oncology in 2016.


Mary Glavan, PhD, Language Analyst Expert

With a PhD in Rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon University, Mary Glavan is a published discourse analyst whose academic work examines how parents of children with disabilities communicate with their children's schools and special education teams. This work has revealed the contradictory role that parents' emotional experience plays in their communication with school personnel.  

Mary's market research work has focused on online discussions among patients and their caregivers across the life sciences sector. In this work, Mary identifies central narratives, metaphors, and subtle-but-meaning-laden language patterns, which help her clients appreciate patients' experiences and points of view.

Mary is also a Visiting Assistant Professor at Tulane University.


The Team

Language Analysts

Several consultants with expertise in linguistics, discourse analysis and rhetorics assist with qualitative analysis of online discussions.

Data Scientists

We additionally leverage consultants with expertise  in the analysis of big data.